Primary Health Care And Resource Center

Chapagaun, Lalitpur, Nepal

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Any donation of physical assets including medical instruments, equipments and medicines is another way to be the part of the organization.

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1. Primary Health Care and Resource Center
Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited, A/C No. 4501-5241-7399-9016 SWIFT CODE: MBLNPK

2. Primary Health Care and Resource Center
NIC ASIA Bank, A/C No. 41182-36458-52400

3. Give2Asia, 340 Pine Street, Suite 501, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA


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Primary Health Care an Resource Center (PHCRC) is a community run health facility located in the serene Bajrabarahi forest in Chapagaun village of Lalitpur district in Nepal. It was initially established by the United Mission to Nepal in 1974 which was taken over by the District Development Committee of Government of Nepal in 2004. The management committee represented by the local and district level stakeholders govern the organization under the leadership of the Village Development Committee of Chapagaun.

Pioneering Initiations

1. Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI)

Concept of CBHI was first launched in Nepal by PHCRC in 1984. The main aim of this project is to ensure the financial participation and positively change the health seeking behaviors of the community people.

2. Community Based School Health Insurance (CBSHI)

CBSHI is another unique project started by PHCRC in 2011. The main aim of this project is to ensure the access to health care of the school students by making the health services affordable through equal financial share of the students. A separate management committee represented by the local school principals governs and manages the funds and ensures round the clock free medical care to the students throughout the year. For this, PHCRC subsidizes half of the treatment cost by charging minimal insurance premium from the committee. An operational guideline defines the details of medical benefit package including the referral facilities in the bigger hospital in Kathmandu.

3. Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC)

The first NRC in Nepal was established in PHCRC in 1976 which provided the rehabilitation services for the severely malnourished children, and educated mothers in locally available nutritious foods. The success of NRC encouraged other organizations as well to establish the similar centers throughout the countries. The improved nutritional status of the local children in the last thirty years did not create any demand of this service, and eventually the service had been shut down in 2006.

4. Super Flour

Super Four is another invention of PHCRC in late seventies. The super flour is made of two parts of brown soybean, one part each of yellow maize and wheat. This formula contains all amino acids, high calorie, minerals, and most important vitamins (except Vit C). It is prepared by roasted and grinded the grains, and mixing them thoroughly. The formula has become popular in the country by its Nepali name; SARBOTTAM PITHO. PHCRC has been preparing the selling this product since its conception.

5. Community Birthing Center

PHCRC established a community birthing center first time in Lalitpur district in 2005. It provides safe delivery facilities to the local women. More than 700 mothers were delivered since its establishment without any mortality of mothers and newborns.